Press the keys together and the Snip and Sketch tool will appear. The scrolling screenshot feature allows you to take a screenshot of multiple pages, all mashed into one very tall picture. In addition, Snip & Sketch allows you to take a delayed screenshot on Windows. You can choose between 3-, 5- and 10-second delays.

This will let you immediately paste the picture onto a social media post, art app, and more. To take a screenshot on Windows 10 and automatically save the file, press the Windows key + PrtScn. Your screen will go dim and a screenshot of your entire screen will save to the Screenshots folder.

How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

For Enterprises that need to record & share quick videos. With cloud backup, and access your files on any device with no limitations. Users can download the video by pressing the down arrow button below the video. You can find your recorded video on the new page of the loom. You can use the video enhancement tool of PowerPoint, such as adding a border, changing the video shape, adding visual effects like glow, shadow, and more.

  • Let’s say it’s a powerful program that offers great flexibility for users.
  • Save and upload any screen activity with a variety of choices for additional audio…
  • The free version of ActivePresenter is free of charge with no watermark when using free features.

Windows 10 has a native feature that lets you record a video clip — of up to 2 hours — of your screen. But you may not have noticed this feature, because it’s hidden away inside the Xbox app. Sarah is a freelance writer and CNET How To blogger. Her main focus is Windows, but she also covers everything from mobile tech to video games to DIY hardware projects. She likes to press buttons and see what happens, so don’t let her near any control panels. Once you finish recording, you’ll be taken to a preview of your video where you can edit the title and copy the link to share.

Method 2: Record Windows 11 screen with PowerPoint

4) On your keyboard, press Ctrl+S at the same time and choose the type you want to save the the screenshot to the folder where you want to store the screenshot. 6) On your keyboard, press Ctrl+S at the same time and choose the type you want to save the the screenshot to the folder where you want to store the screenshot. Instead of actually taking a picture, Print Screen copies the contents of your entire screen to the clipboard, much like you highlighted some text and pressed Ctrl + C. Windows also comes with additional screenshot tools. You can also add a delay to your screenshot to capture something that’s harder to take a screenshot of otherwise. Then, you can add quick annotations to your image before copying or saving it.

Quickly trim content, remove ums and uhs, or add buttons to link out to additional resources. Loom’s video editor nvidia 1050 ti max-q makes it easy to shorten clips or add new ones. You can even stitch multiple Looms together into one super Loom. The moment you finish screen recording, your sharable video link is ready.

You think all the data that you want to delete is erased, but in reality, it is still on your PC. If you want to permanently delete your files you can use tools such as Revo Uninstaller Pro 4 and its Unrecoverable delete feature. So while you have just wanted to quickly restore Windows 10 to factory settings, select the first one.

Click “OK” after checking the “Capture Cursor” box. After creating the selection, you can record it by clicking the record button. You will land on the home screen and see the Record Screen function. Clicking on it will make you choose the area for recording. You can drag your mouse to mark the part of the screen you need to record. Real-time monitor – With this tool, you can record your sessions in real-time.


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